Cherry blossoms and coffee shops

Let me tell you something, Japan goes crazy about cherry blossoms (and I do too!). Starting at the end of February every little shop will sell their own “sakura” creations and everything will turn pink, well all the frenzy began with Starbucks.

If I would have tried every “special” drink or cake I would have been broke by now so let me share with you a few products that I tried and my honest opinion.

  • Strawberry Pink Frappuccino” from Starbucks and the doughnut. It looks yummy! and it tasted ok! Don’t get me wrong, I liked but my expectations were higher. The frappuccino this time had a strawberry flavor and topped with domyoji-ko sakura flavored rice bowls but tiny as showned in the picture below. The doughnut had a straberry flavor but not mind blowing!

Sakura frappuccino from Starbucks

  • The store bought version from Doutor “White Chocolate latte with cherry blossom flavor”. This one in particular caught my eye because of the taste (I still don’t know the real taste of cherry blossoms) but this one had a lot of cherry flavor in a “creamy” chocolate mix. Hope they make it again next year!

White chocolate latte with sakura from Doutor

  • The “Sakura café latte” from Ueshima. Since I saw the ad for this special drink I thought about give it a try and I did, the picture looked stunning and I felt this was going to have a very strong “cherry blossom flavor” since the coffee shop is “very japanese” (I deducted this because their logo is in full japanese). It was the simplest drink ever, even the presentation was done in a rush – I have such luck to be expecting impressive drinks/desserts and ending up with the most careless decoration- But the coffee was all right.

Café latte with sakura from Ueshima

  • “Sakura azuki cappucino/chai” from Afternoon Tea. This one is the latest drink I have tried, after months waiting to try this tea room I finally made it and made the decision to try their limited edition drink. This one got me a bit confused due to their name, I’ve never seen this combination but everything it is tasty. I can say now that I liked it, it has a bit of  “cherry blossom” hint plus the species from the chai. At end I noticed some of the azuki (something you might learn to enjoy in the long run).

Sakura azuki cappuccino latte from Afternoon tea

This is it, spring is almost over now, the temperatures have risen and new flavors are coming up. Do you enjoy this type of entries? Which one from above will you try?



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